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Laperouse Museum

June 2012 to August 2012

"  Lapérouse and Bougainville, lights around the world  »


The Lapérouse museum hosted our exhibition for 2 months in this beautiful city classified as a World Heritage Site on the theme of the great navigators of the Age of Enlightenment, above all great humanists, Lapérouse and Bougainville, as well as the atmospheres and customs of the peoples encountered during their stopovers in the Pacific Islands.


The discoveries of these great navigators go far beyond science, also opening up new avenues of exploration for artists and writers.

To pay homage to them is to reconnect with the humanist values of a century which placed the human being at the center of reflection.

Through the maritime journey of Bougainville and Lapérouse, the work of paintings and sculptures reflects the personal trajectory of these men whose sense of commitment still commands admiration today.


Each painting develops a historical point, and the places encountered by Lapérouse.

Some paintings relate to on-board astronomer scientists  : research on celestial mechanics, eclipses, important points for the calculation of longitudes, the astronomer D'Agelet for Lapérouse, but also Delalande and Reine Lepaute.

other parts  relate to Bougainville, on-board botanists and herbaria in Brazil, the route to the Falklands, spices in Mauritius, Madagascar.

Are also presented paintings on Easter Island, with the enigmas of Rongo-Rongo writing, Tahiti and its legends.


Here, my work technique combines painting, collages, often old documents dating from Louis-Philippe that I have enhanced with Indian ink, watercolors, pastels and pigments including the Isatis Tinctoria plant, the blue that made the wealth of the ancestors of Lapérouse, the Galaup family in the 15th century originally from Albi.

House of the 
New Caledonia Paris

03/05/2012 - 11/05/2012




Passionate about history, Roger Henri and Mickie Doussy have traveled the world in search of traces of man, sometimes immersing themselves in the culture of a country, focused on the link between man, nature and the cosmos. 

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